We all have our own ways in which we express our Lithuanian heritage. Some sing in a choir or attend weekly folk dance rehearsals. Others make the most beautifully colored easter eggs and intricately woven sashes. Many of us have spent our Saturdays at Lithuanian school and our summers at camp. Some enjoy the simple pleasure of heading down for a cepelinas after Sunday Mass. Still others are scouts, write for the newspaper, or are members of a sports team and can remember the adrenaline rush during countless ŠALFASS/LAUNA tournaments. And many of us have done...all of the above! 

All of these are important pieces of our Lithuanian heritage, and we intend to bring as many as possible together over Lithuanian Heritage Day weekend. We invite everyone who is willing and able to support this great event. Help us to share our talents among our own community as well as to the broad Canadian public in honor of Canada's 150th anniversary. Share our dream and donate to make this celebration the more special!

You can also write a check made out to Montreal Lithuanian Culture Association note: Lithuanian Heritage Day and mail it to:

Lithuanian Heritage Day
c/o Rimas Piečaitis
23 rue Oriole
Kirkland (Québec) H9H 4S2


Would you like to support Lithuanian Heritage Day but have some questions? Get in touch with Rimas.

Advertisements & Greetings

There will be a printed program with information about the performers, the festival schedule, map of events, etc. Stay tuned for more information about page sizes, prices, and deadlines! 


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